In earlier times, the beautiful tableware was kept for parties and celebrations. Today the prettiest tableware also appears when something can be celebrated. It doesn’t matter if it’s your birthday, new year’s eve, or your wedding anniversary. For every occasion there is a disposable party set. Inspired by the beautiful artwork from previous centuries. No longer hand-painted and suitable for the happy few, but for anyone who wants to celebrate.
When we were browsing Rijkstudio, we found a lot of pretty (mythical) animals hidden on different plates. We decided to collect them and create a pARTy-set with the most loveable ones. Like the tiger and the birds from an anonymous painter, or the two mythical creatures from a white plate.
The sweet colours and images of the different parts of the crockery from Oud-Loosdrecht inspired us to design the pink and gold pARTy-set, see second picture on the left. The drawings are from 1770 but still very beautiful and modern.
A Delft Blue pARTy set can’t be missing. This image is from a shaving bowl, see second picture.
The concept for this pARTy set was developed for the Rijksstudio Award 2020, the international design competition of the Rijksmuseum.
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