The Par(t)aplu changes colour in the rain. Buy a crisp clean umbrella and you’re sure to baffle passers-by, walking in the rain.
The special water reactive ink is invisable when dry and changes color when it gets wet. We’ve created three examples but the rich collection of the Rijksmuseum gives endless opportonities to design beautiful Par(t)aplu’s.
Walking in the rain is no longer a burdon, it’s an art show! Brighten up bad weather.
The concept for this umbrella was developed for the Rijksstudio Award 2020, the international design competition of the Rijksmuseum.

People enjoying themselves outside, riding a horse, playing in the sea or ice skating. We took the Dutch weather as an inspiration source to brighten up the rain. The charming scene of children in the sea by Jozef Israëls was the inspiration for the first Par(t)aplu: Dutch beauties to colour your day.

In the Snow Landscape by Alexander Joseph Daiwaille, people are having a nice day, we wish you the same!

The sun-drenched landscape by Aelbert Cuyp is perfect to brighten up any rainy day. No better way to combine Dutch weather with Dutch Masters.

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