The KINK DNA is the starting point for the KINK identity. An identity that is recognisable both by maintaining the iconic KINK logo, while also being refreshing and new. KINK is back after years. But doesn’t stand still, or linger in the past. KINK is making a new start, with a new look and with new energy.
We have translated the KINK DNA into a grid. This grid is the basis for the new brand identity. The grid can be used in a flexible and dynamic way, both graphically and in combination with photography. It can be played with endlessly. By using the grid, all expressions will unmistakably be recognisable as KINK. This allows KINK to visually have its own “sound”.

“The way Studio Zuid was able to create a visual identity based on nothing more than gut feeling, an old logo and a sort of understanding of what we were aiming for with the launch of our radio-station was more than we could have hoped for. Cynics who thought the rebirth of an old radio-brand was based on nothing more than nostalgic feelings were instantly proven wrong due to the both timeless AND very modern-day look and feel of our new brand identity.”
Michiel Veenstra - Program Director KINK 
Photo: KINK
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